This year my recent work will be part of the groupexibition curated by EST. Stichting EST art foundation’s purpose is to stimulate and explore new developments within concrete art.
View of the exibition ‘Transmission’, Kunstroute Leiden 2020 in the Watergasfabriek. In front work by Emma van Noort,. On the wall one of my works [no title, 2020, 60 x 90 cm, acrylic on canvas]
Left: two of my works [no title, 2020, 30 x 40 / 30 x 45 cm, acrylic on canvas].
Right: work by Tineke Porck
Work by Rob Walters
On the wall one of my works [no title, 2020, 30 x 40 cm, acrylic on canvas]
Work by Stephan van den Burg
Work from left to right:
Walter van Peijpe [2x], Albert Roskam, Rob Walters, Tineke Porck
Work from left to right:
Guido Winkler [2x], Stephan van den Burg, Rob Walters
Work by Iemke van Dijk
Work from left to right:
Albert Roskam [2x], Emma van Noort, Walter van Peijpe

More information about the artists, the exibition, EST-art foundation and some nice pictures of the exibition can be found here.

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